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LPT Breakout board (X220826)

LPT Breakout board (HYZK01

Bitmap to Vector tracing

To convert (trace) a bitmap into vectors you can use command line tools like autotrace and potrace. Though for those of us who prefer to use a GUI there is potracegui, it incorporates autotrace and potrace ito one more user friendly GUI environment

USB to TTL converter

TTL terminal connections (Nullmodem)

How to connect a USB to TTL converter to a TTL device?

Basically there are only 3 connections that matter
Transmit : TX
Receive: RX
Ground: GND

Connect the TX from the converter to the RX of the device you want to communicate with and vice versa, connect the TX from the device to the RX of the converter. And also connect the GND of both devices together. The signals of the TX are being read respectively to the GND (0 Volt) And that's the basics of how this system works.

Better .dxf support for Inkscape on Ubuntu (and other Linux hosts)

Inkscape Logo Large

How to make Inkscape save better .dxf files:

The problem:
When saving a document as .dxf in Inkscape then it will be exported as an old (somewhere around 1998) R13 Cutting plotter format document. Most applications that are able to load .dxf documents are somewhat backward compatible but not THAT far backward, and thus thins don't work as we like them to work. LaserCut5.3 is one of those applications that support only proprietary formats AND in a very limited way...

Seagate Momentus XT TTL pinout

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